Transex Help Me I Should Have Been a Woman! When God Makes Mistakes.
On the set of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Paul/Kimberly, the former straight A high school star athlete, former Berkeley college student and current San Francisco resident was very non-judgingly interviewed by Ms. Winfrey. Paul/Kimberly conveyed years of tortured thoughts and behaviors related to being a female trapped inside a handsome male frame, all the while, no one, even those closest family and friends, ever suspected. Supported by friends in the homosexual community, He/she decided to correct the mistake inflicted on him by ingesting female hormones and ultimately undergoing a radical sex change.
The transformation was a modern medical miracle. We now view an attractive, vibrant lesbian, in a long relationship with another lesbian, who is "coming to terms" with the "person" he/she is meant to be. And, as Oprah underscored, there are so many others who will watch the program and reach many of the same conclusions as Paul/Kimberly. Hallelujah! Welcome to the misguided church of Oprah.
While the interview was full of pop psychology and soupy emotions, it was short on actual medical facts, the most glaring being that Paul/Kimberly was born with X and Y chromosome in his DNA. For those Oprah congregants who might not be aware, that means he was born a male, and since DNA cannot be altered, Paul /Kimberly will die a male. He can feed his cells female hormones, and through medical science can alter his outer male organs. He can receive artificial female breasts, put on make up and look like a woman outside, but he will forever be a MAN!
At one point in the show, a question was directed to Paul/Kimberly's mother, "Don't you believe in the Bible?" Her response was, "I believe in my son." Oprah seemed to indicate that was the most profound moment of the interview. She repeated it for all those watching who might need to cling to that revelation.
With all due respect to Paul/Kimberly's mother and to Ms. Winfrey, I do believe in the Bible and in the God of the Bible. I do not accept Oprah Winfrey's metaphysical god who makes mistakes and has to be corrected by modern science. I believe in the God who "changes not" and always intended for Paul to be a strong productive man. I ask, "What if a pastor, priest or some Christian guidance counselor had been approached to assist him through the compulsive thoughts, desires and behaviors?" Paul might never have become Kimberly.
I have a profound belief in the God who heals, forgives and redeems anyone, at any time from any situation. In spite of all the physical changes he's made, I still believe in real redemption for Paul. I believe that he can reconcile who he was created to be―a spiritually re-born child of God with male DNA. Make no mistake about it.
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